Laser welding machine vs traditional welding: ten advantages that can not be ignored

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Laser welding machine vs traditional welding: ten advantages that can not be ignored

  • Welding accuracyLaser welding machine: provides extremely high welding accuracy, suitable for welding small parts and complex shapes. Traditional welding: the accuracy is relatively low, especially in the welding of small parts prone to error.

  • Welding speedLaser welding machine: faster welding speed, can significantly improve production efficiency. Traditional welding: slower, longer production cycle, not suitable for mass production.

  • heat affected zoneLaser welding machine: small heat affected zone, reduce material deformation and heat damage. Traditional welding: the heat affected zone is large, which is easy to cause material deformation and thermal damage.

  • weld qualityLaser welding machine: high weld quality, high welding strength and few defects. Traditional welding: the quality of the weld is unstable, and defects such as pores and cracks are prone to occur.

  • MATERIAL ADAPTABILITYLaser welding machine: suitable for welding a variety of metal and some non-metallic materials. Traditional welding: material adaptability is poor, some special materials are difficult to weld.

  • degree of automationLaser welding machine: easy to realize automatic production, combined with CNC system and robot, improve the intelligent level of production line. Traditional welding: low degree of automation, dependence on manual operation, low efficiency.

  • non-contact machiningLaser welding machine: non-contact welding, reducing tool wear and welding pollution. Traditional welding: need to contact the workpiece, tool wear, easy to produce welding pollution.

  • FlexibilityLaser welding machine: programmable to achieve complex trajectory welding, adapt to many varieties, small batch production. Traditional welding: poor flexibility, not easy to adjust, low adaptability.

  • Maintenance costsLaser welding machine: low maintenance cost, high equipment reliability and reduced downtime. Traditional welding: high maintenance frequency, high cost, and easy damage to equipment.

  • Environmental protection and energy savingLaser welding machine: the process produces less waste gas and waste residue, low noise, low energy consumption, which is conducive to environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction. Traditional welding: waste gas and waste residue, noise, high energy consumption, is not conducive to environmental protection.