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development path


Establish Mingzu Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and create an 8-hour fast on-site service system in the island city


Establish a Ministry of Foreign Trade and obtain EU CE certification and ISO9000 certification to open up foreign markets


Establish "Qingdao Optics Valley" and point out the development goal: to establish the largest laser research and development production base in Qingdao. Gradually moving towards scale and branding


The first independent brand metal laser cutting machine in Qingdao has settled in Mingzu, ending the history of no cutting machine manufacturer in the Shandong Peninsula region History.


Successfully introduced handheld laser welding technology, saving costs, and providing complete and professional automation customization solutions for enterprises in need of automated laser welding.


To solve the high difficulty of marking and cutting for customers, a large-scale laser processing center has been established in Qingdao