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Qingdao Beauty Daily Cosmetics Laser Marking and Engraving Machine Manufacturer

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Using the Qingdao Beauty Daily Cosmetics Laser Marking and Engraving Machine to label the barcode, QR code, and production date of cosmetics, personalized customization can effectively trace, prevent counterfeiting, and prevent counterfeit goods. The laser principle of a cosmetic laser marking machine is to mark various surfaces of different substances using a laser beam. The effect of marking is to expose deep substances through the evaporation of surface substances, thereby carving exquisite patterns, trademarks, barcode QR code recognition, and text. Compared to traditional ink printing methods, the logo and trademark printed by the cosmetic laser marking machine have a long-lasting and non fading effect, and are consumables free, with clear and visible markings.
Birthday gift, a personalized and customized gift. As a gift to friends and best friends, you can freely type your own blessings, name, pattern, etc. The patterns here are all the effects of UV laser marking machine operation.
In order to prevent counterfeiting and counterfeit goods, many companies implement strict supervision and control over the flow of products in their distribution networks, while accurately identifying key products. There are reports that some regions in China have started filing information on domestic non special purpose cosmetics, uploading product information of cosmetics, including formulas, product inspection reports, product labels, product manuals, and detailed content of restricted substances in product formulas. Consumers can not only avoid purchasing counterfeit and inferior products by scanning their mobile phone codes, but also learn about the production process, circulation process, and product technology of the product.