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Qingdao Precision Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

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The small precision metal laser cutting machine produced by Qingdao Precision Laser Cutting Machine Factory is a laser processing equipment designed and manufactured specifically for the high-precision and high-quality processing needs of small metal parts cutting. This device can efficiently and accurately perform one-time complex graphic cutting, especially in dynamic cutting of sharp corners and complex geometric shapes, with great processing advantages. The precision laser cutting machine equipment is equipped with a work PC machine to control a high-precision CNC workbench. During cutting, high-precision cutting and drilling are carried out by adjusting the laser frequency, pulse width, workbench speed, and movement direction. The cutting seam is flat and beautiful, with minimal thermal deformation, greatly improving cutting efficiency, and the operating software has powerful functions, which can achieve multiple working methods such as carving, cutting, and punching micro holes on the workpiece simultaneously. Widely used in precision sheet metal processing, electronic circuit PCB boards, electrical appliances, glasses, precision accessories, advertising decoration, craft gifts, tool processing and other industries with high precision requirements for fast cutting processing.
The design of high-precision laser cutting machine is humanized, and the high-precision linear motor platform ensures the high-speed, high-precision, and stable operation of the entire machine. It adopts imported high-performance motion control cards and is widely used in cutting and marking processing processes in industries such as precision machinery, hardware, and microelectronics that require high precision. Precision laser cutting machines can meet extremely high precision requirements for processes. Processing technology is achieved by continuously moving a laser beam on the surface of a component. Laser cutting not only changes traditional processing methods, but its excellent performance advantages are also recognized by many industries and have become one of the indispensable processing methods in these industries. As a laser equipment manufacturer, Qingdao Precision Laser Cutting Machine has received unprecedented attention. For specific processing needs, we can also freely combine automation facilities to achieve improved production efficiency. In the future, with the continuous development of laser technology applications and other related technologies, the application of laser technology in precision machining will be more in-depth and broad.
Characteristics of precision laser cutting machines: Widely used in precision mechanical hardware and 3C industries such as glasses, electronics, and electrical appliances. Marble working platform and marble gantry structure are adopted to ensure long-term stable operation. Optional camera automatic positioning device with camera positioning function. Professional laser cutting software that can achieve high-speed drilling and marking functions. Integrated structural design, compact and reasonable overall layout, with a small footprint.
Precision laser cutting machine application industry: Precision electronic components and high-precision small metal components can all be cut and processed using precision metal laser cutting machines, with warm details and quality. The current application scenarios include high-precision cutting of components such as cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and spectacle frames, as well as customized processing of special components. Suitable for cutting bathroom fixtures, medical devices, sensor diaphragms, precision parts, mobile communication, glasses, watches, jewelry, hardware products, precision instruments, automotive accessories, mobile phone batteries, 3C, fiber optic connectors, microelectronic components, etc.