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2000W Automatic Laser Welding Machine


Laser Welding Machine


2000W Automatic Laser Welding Machine


1. The welding head structure frame can be freely selected to fully meet the customer's cost and site differentiation requirements;2. The fixture can be customized, separable, and grafted, and can quickly connect with the customer's production line;3. Using an industrial computer as human-machine interaction, the operation is simple, reliable, and easy to control;4. Compared to traditional welding that is difficult to access, non-contact long-distance welding can be achieved.

Technical Spectfications


Device name Equipment type Equipment picture Standard configuration
Automatic laser welding machine
MZ-FH2000-KA Part name manufacturer
laser BWT
Welding system Xuan Z Sci . &Tech
Automatic welding joint WSX
Servo motor MOONS´/VEICHI/Fe
Water cooler Hanli
Handheld laser welding machine configuration
laser Laser power 2000W Core diameter 34μm
Laser frequency 5Hz to 5000Hz Power regulation range 10% to 100%
Laser wavelength 1080±10nm Cooling mode water-cooling
Water cooler Tank capacity 13L Power requirements Standard:220V  50Hz
Refrigerating capacity 6.7Kw Optional:220V  60Hz
Automatic welding joint Scanning range 0.1-5mm Sweep frequency 250Hz
Swing mode Double pendulum Welding mode Continuous welding/spot welding
Focal length 200mm Collimating focal length 100mm
Automatic laser welding machine function
Welding function Materials Maximum penetration Welding thickness range (single-side welding double-sided molding)  
Carbon steel 4mm 0.8-4mm Beyond this welding range, it can still be welded, but it can not achieve the effect of double-sided melting.
Stainless steel 4mm 0.8-4mm
aluminum 3mm 1-3mm
Automatic laser welding machine parameters
Input power supply 220V, 50Hz/60Hz(assorting) Overall power 10Kw
Protective gas Argon, nitrogen and other inert gases Shielding gas flow 8-12L/min
Processing format 400mm*300mm*400mm Processing speed 1-200mm/s
Temperature requirement 10-40℃ Environmental requirement There is no interference from strong magnetic and high-power equipment nearby
Hand-held laser welding machine shipped
Complete machine packaging Packing dimensions of wooden cases 105cm*155cm*200cm Packing list Laser welding machine set 1
Welding machine size 95cm*145cm*180cm Water cooler set 1
Net weight 235kg Gross weight (including wooden cases) 265kg Spare parts Set of 1



Laser Equipment Customization Process

We can provide a complete set of customized solutions for laser marking, welding, and cutting in various fields to meet personalized needs

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Enterprise Strength

Currently, there are over 30 personnel including technology research and development, production and processing, and marketing.
The honor certificate has been awarded nearly 10 national level honor certificates; Nearly 20 national patents.
Our main products include laser marking machines, laser inkjet printers, laser welding machines, cutting machines, etc.


Main Products


Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Easy operation,no need skilled professional welder,saving your labor cost, Faster welding speed and perfect welding effect, less subsequent processing.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Smaller size design,not only save your space but also save your cost!Both open and enclosed type available. Faster and higher precision laser cutting.

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Mingzu has always adhered to the concept of "customer first, striving for excellence", serving every enterprise and every customer. Mingzu Laser is an application expert in the laser industry and a trusted partner for you. We will live up to expectations and continue to provide you with higher quality products and services.