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CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Laser Marking Machine


CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Adopting a domestic first tier brand carbon dioxide laser generator, with a one-year warranty for the entire machine; It can print graphics, images, numbers, letters, barcode QR codes, automatic serial numbers, etc., and can customize automatic chemical equipment.

Technical Spectfications


Device name Equipment type Equipment picture Standard configuration
30 W table carbon dioxide laser marking machine MZ-CM30-DT Part name manufacturer
laser Yongli
Marking system JCZ
galvanoscope SINO-G∧ LVO
Field lens JGZOE
Standard laser marking machine configuration
laser Laser power 30W Beam diameter 1.8±0.2mm
Modulation frequency 0-25kHz Power regulation range 10%-100%
Laser wavelength 10.6μm Cooling mode Air cooling
galvanoscope 10 spots Fitted with a 4-fold beam expanding mirror Marking speed 5000mm/s Input voltage ±15VDC 10 Light spot galvanometer speed is fast, the focused light spot is thicker, suitable for some scenes requiring faster speed.
Positioning speed 8000mm/s Interface protocol XY2-100
20 light spots Fitted with 6x beam expanding mirror Marking speed 700mm/s Input voltage ±24VDC 20 Light spot galvanometer speed is slow, focus after the light spot is finer, suitable for some depth or more delicate effect products.
    Interface protocol XY2-100
board card. Standard configuration Text input function Support True Type fonts, single-line fonts (JSF), dot matrix fonts (DMF), SHX, support for user-built font library.
Barcode and QR code DATAMATRIX、QRcode
Variable text Fixed text, date, time, keyboard input, jump number, list file, dynamic file, support EXCEL table, TXT file, support serial communication, network communication
Language Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, German
assorting Rotation function Rotation function, can achieve rotation Angle marking, rotation axis marking, rotation text marking
Optional accessories D80 rotary chuck, electric lift, expansion shaft, 2D table
Field lens Specification and model JGSL-10.6-150-100-10 Focus Distance:150mm;Marking format:100mm*100mm The larger the processing format, the larger the light spot, the weaker the energy and the stronger the heat;
JGSL-10.6-200-140-10 Focus Distance:200mm;Marking format:140mm*140mm
JGSL-10.6-250-175-10 Focus Distance:250mm;Marking format:175mm*175mm
JGSL-10.6-300-210-10 Focus Distance:300mm;Marking format:200mm*200mm
JGSL-10.6-400-300-10 Focus Distance:400mm;Marking format:300mm*300mm
other Laser power supply, board power supply MEAN WELL Push button switch ONPOW
Industrial computer, display GUANG&HENYANHONG National standard cable hengfei
Laser marking machine parameters
Input power supply 220V, 50Hz/60Hz Overall power 1Kw
Cooling mode Air cooling Power line length 3m
Temperature requirement 15-40°C Environmental requirement Equipment accessories without interference
Overall size 650mm*800mm*1400mm Operating system win7 or win10
Apply Used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, textile, leather, wood, crafts, electronic components, communication, printing and other industries.
Laser marking machine shipped
Complete machine packaging Packing dimensions of wooden cases 90cm*100cm*120cm Packing list Laser welding machine set 1
Net weight 90kg Gross weight (including wooden cases) 120kg Spare parts Set of 1



Laser Equipment Customization Process

We can provide a complete set of customized solutions for laser marking, welding, and cutting in various fields to meet personalized needs

Serving Customers


Enterprise Strength

Currently, there are over 30 personnel including technology research and development, production and processing, and marketing.
The honor certificate has been awarded nearly 10 national level honor certificates; Nearly 20 national patents.
Our main products include laser marking machines, laser inkjet printers, laser welding machines, cutting machines, etc.


Main Products


Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Easy operation,no need skilled professional welder,saving your labor cost, Faster welding speed and perfect welding effect, less subsequent processing.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Smaller size design,not only save your space but also save your cost!Both open and enclosed type available. Faster and higher precision laser cutting.

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Mingzu has always adhered to the concept of "customer first, striving for excellence", serving every enterprise and every customer. Mingzu Laser is an application expert in the laser industry and a trusted partner for you. We will live up to expectations and continue to provide you with higher quality products and services.